Make security priority one: Moving from PBX to cloud

The PBX paradigm presents serious security concerns.

And, even with advanced protections in the cloud, critical corporate data can be easily compromised if just one mobile device is lost, stolen, or hacked. Stiff new criminal penalties for data breaches include fines up to $500,000, and imprisonment. So, whatever communications solution you choose, it is important to consider implementing or providing:

DDoS attack prevention, encryption, and two-factor authentication measures HIPAA settings, FINRA compliances safeguards, and HITRUST CSF Certification Secure data centers that are geographically dispersed

Benefit from RingCentral’s experience. We want to share best practices with you to help you develop a customized implementation plan that can significantly improve the security of your communications with any provider.

This white paper details proven measures RingCentral has developed that protect our customers from cyber threats, eavesdropping, and other security risks.